Where do you wear your “Scarlet Letter”?

February 19, 2015

I’m pretty sure mine is on my forehead, my chest, my back, my mouth…you name it…it’s all over me!

I live in a bubble…a very small town wrapped up in a VERY large city…this town is an anomaly…like me…different…but, unlike me, most people here are afraid to be different. Sure…we are financially different from 2 miles north, south, east and west of us…but we are all the same…all clones of each other…afraid to be different….to stand out…

Not me…I have no issue being different. Don’t get me wrong…it’s not like have a tramp stamp…or any tattoo for that matter. I have only one piercing in each ear and my hair is not colored some wild color…the greys are colored but only to a medium brown…YEP…I blend in…well…except when I open my mouth and do the crazy things I do. Thus…the conservative look with the ENORMOUS “scarlet letter” draped all over me.

Having an affair in this town is juicy (I’m guessing more commonplace than we know). And people love to talk. They pick sides. I was dumped by several of my friends. Immediately. Oh the shame! I’m sure most of them were quite happy I was there to deflect any of their issues…

To this day, I walk in places with people knowing and staring. Fuck them. I dare them to air out and own up to their issues. Just once, I want to go into the church I live across the street from where I was married and baptized all of my children and stand at the pulpit and ask, “How many of you are currently molesting your daughters, your step daughters, your nieces, your neighbor’s kids? Come on now…I want a show of hands…There are a 1,000 people in here. The odds are there…You can do it! Come wear that scarlet letter with me! It’s church and God will forgive you. But you gotta own up. Come on? How many?????????”

Show me where you wear your “Scarlet letter” and I’ll show you mine. If you can’t already see it staring you blind in the face….