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My post pre-pubescent, post natal, pre-menopausal, testosterone induced zit


Forty-five and I still get pimples.  Really?  I somehow escaped getting those in high school and college.  Occasionally, one would pop up on my face in my teens.  At which point, my friends had no problem announcing to everyone that I had a zit.  I can’t complain.  Nothing and I mean nothing is normal about me.  When one gives their first GCBJ* at 8, they are destined for a life that will never be normal.  So,  I go with it.  I go with the flow.  Or at least try most days.  Some days, I just want to be normal.  Probably not in the cards for me.  What does that mean, anyway? Read More

20 Dallas Dating Do’s and Don’ts…

Dont-Do-This-When-Asking-Someone-Out-On-A-Date-610x477Thought it was time to do one of those lists. Seems like everyone has a list…

So here goes my list…


1. Do be honest. If you’re married, fess up. If you claim you’re married but separated, actually be separated. You will ALWAYS get caught. Why not start out being honest. It will save a ton of pain in the end.
2. Do be emotionally available. Stop blaming her for everything. Get over her. Move on.
3. Do be ready. I’ve nursed far too many men who aren’t ready. It’s not my job to put your books in your backpack and make your lunch. That’s my job as a mother. Not a girlfriend.
4. Do understand that the opposite of love is indifference. NOT hate. Learn the difference. Feel the difference.
5. Do send flowers. But not on the world’s clock. Do it on your own clock. A random day with no meaning other than to say hello. Fuck Valentine’s Day. Read More