A moment of vulnerability taken from me so quickly….


Love starting my blog with so…makes you think…oh no…what is she going to say now????  What can possibly come out of her mouth that hasn’t already??

An old acquaintance of mine called me a month ago and said she got wind of my blog and fully supported me…love those calls…validating you know…makes all this worthwhile…

She suggested I help support the children’s advocacy center.  So I went  to the center and had the full tour.  All I can say is…Impressive!  They had grown by leaps and bounds because of large donations.  That’s good.  And bad.  At the same time.  Great that they had funds to expand their facilities by tens of thousands of feet.  Sad that there is such a need to do so.  I remember when the preschool my kids went to hired off duty police officers.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Always good to have extra protection but the sheer fact that we actually needed it?  That is what scares me.  We need more square footage to help the endless abuse cases that constantly flow into Dallas.

So I was given a personal tour.  At the end of the tour, I was challenged.  What could I do to make a difference.  Hmmmm….This place is amazing.  Full of forensic investigators and all kinds of therapy.  I’m not trained to help these children.  I’m a victim myself.  Oh….how I want to help.

There is always the almighty dollar.  No one ever turns that down!  I can always give money!  Although, personally, giving my time means so much more.   Down the road perhaps.  But, for today, I will give money.

So, 10 of my friends were gracious enough to give up their afternoon to come support me and abused children.  Thank you to my friends.  It meant so much to me that you came out.  Really.

I was so moved as the guest speaker told of his horrific experience being abused by his soccer coach.  It was dreadful.  I was shocked.  A man whom he loved and trusted.  Again, WTF is wrong with people????

I felt compelled to approach him after his speech and thank him and share my story with him.  It’s a common bond we share.  Not exactly the common bond most people want to share but a common bond nonetheless.  Right in the middle of my  very vulnerable moment sharing my story with him, I was interrupted by the very person who gave me a full tour of the children’s advocacy center.  Actually dismissed is more the word.  When most people interrupt, they say excuse me.  Apparently, he had to get photographed and whatever words I was sharing weren’t important.   He was ushered off as I was standing there with my mouth wide open.  So much for opening up and sharing my story.  Apparently, a picture had to be taken.  That will teach me to open up to anyone.  I had the audacity to interrupt his photo moment.  Wasn’t his fault.  I’ll blame his handlers.  After all, he was on a tight schedule.

After  a terse conversation and an apology  from the woman who so swiftly took away the guest speaker, I was offered a refund.   What?  That donation was for abused children.  Why would I want that back?  To make you feel better?  You think $2,500 is going to make me feel better because you completely invalidated me at a very vulnerable moment.  Why on earth would we ever share anything if we are to be dismissed so easily?