April is Child Abuse “Aware”ness Month


child-abuse-factsApril is CHILD ABUSE awareness month…
However…being aware WILL NOT cut it…
We need action.
We need it NOW.
If you’re abusing your child, STOP.
If your child tells you they were touched, believe them.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, talk to your kids TODAY. Before it’s too late.

Read the grueling stats.  Share them with your friends, your family.  Even your children.


Feeling Special in the “Spotlight”


Sexual abuse of children is in the “Spotlight.”  Yes.  Pun intended.

Watch.  This.  Movie.

Any good movie should move you emotionally.  A great movie will bring you to tears.   “Spotlight” brought me to tears.  No.  I wasn’t abused by a priest.  I’m not even Catholic.  I grew up protestant.  I had my own religious hypocrisy shoved down my throat.  Both literally and figuratively. Read More

A Polygamist…A Prophet…A Pedophile

And, here I thought my tri-fecta of fuckedupness took the cake…

eba67fc130c38c49777d30f23444c89eI’m not a Mormon nor do I claim to even know 10% of that religion. All I’ve ever heard is they have their sealed marriage ceremonies, their secret handshakes and passwords. Sealed together for all time and eternity. Sounds bizarre to me. The closest I ever got to reading The Book of Mormon was when my crazy friend, Letty, “stole” the Book of Mormon from our Vail hotel room and stuck it in my suitcase. Found it unpacking when I got back to Dallas. Bitch. I’ll get her back. Read More

Are you uncomfortable yet?


Well…then, I’m not doing my job. Being the baby of the family means you’ll do anything to get attention. Especially, in my case. I could not have been more ignored growing up. Other than the really special attention I received from my step father’s hands, mouth, and other parts that a nine year old should never see.

I was a cage poker then. I’m a cage poker now. Taking on the entire child porn industry will not be an easy task. But, I’m up for it. I’m one person with a voice, a laptop, and the passion to take it on. Head on. Tragically, child porn is a $3 Billion (yes, that’s a B not an M) industry. What’s even more tragic is the fact that it’s one of the fastest growing online businesses. Yes. You read that correctly. Whereas, the internet can skyrocket your funny youtube video that will give you your 5 minutes of fame, it’s also a wildfire of child porn that can’t be contained. My little blog with all its raw honesty can’t even put a dent in this magnanimous problem. This horrid reality we all face today. But, why should you care? Your kids are safe. You do your damnedest to protect them. As you should. This is somebody else’s problem, right? Read More

Jared, I can’t wait til you take it up the ass….

What a sick fuck!

Soooo…with his excellent experience of being a national spokesman, I’ve decided his new job should be the “National Spokesman for Pedophiles Who Now Take It Up The Ass”!

Yes, Jared, you will now be somebody’s bitch in prison. You will inevitably take it up the ass! I wonder what the Vegas odds are of your survival in prison. How will you like being somebody’s sex toy? How will you like having all your power taken away? How will you like it when he tells you to keep your mouth shut? How will you like it when he shoves his penis down your throat? How will you like it when he turns you over and tells you to take it? How will you like it when you feel powerless? How will you like it when you are forced to do unthinkable things? How will you like it when you are left crying without anyone to talk to about being raped? How will it feel to be raped over and over again? How will it feel when your human spirit is simply crushed? Read More