You’re so vain…You probably think this blog is about you…

I’m no Carly Simon and he’s no Mick Jagger.  Or was it Warren Beatty?  Regardless, the song makes its point.

I won’t give any more attention to my Achilles heal.  But I also won’t give my heart away either.  Anytime soon.  I’ve had enough rejection.  Of course, I’ve experienced the ultimate rejection.  “I’d rather have a nameless, faceless unknown stranger than you.”


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Getting Busted by my parents and NOW my kids…

Getting Busted by my parents and now my kids

What’s worse?  Getting busted doing it by your parents (or your boyfriend’s parents for that matter)?  Or your kids?

I’ve been busted by both.  Nothing like getting busted by your boyfriend’s parents while sneaking into their house through their pint sized doggie door.  Yes.  That happened to me in high school.  Beyond embarrassing.

And I thought getting busted by any parents was mortifying.  Nope.  Getting busted by your kids outweighs that exponentially!  And for those  of you that don’t understand anything that is exponential and never took statistics, think Buzz Lightyear.  Something about going to infinity and beyond. Read More

Unlike my mother was, I am NOT for sale…

I am NOT for saleLet me be very clear.  I am NOT for sale.  And yes.  That is an Olan Mills portrait.  You remember those?  You couldn’t hit more 80’s than that!  Oh, that horrid fake bookshelf background.  No comments on my wings nor the poorly tied bow I’m wearing.   It’s embarrassing enough.  Truth be told,  everything in that picture is fake.   The picture is even missing my older brother.  Who takes a “family” pic without all your children there?  Wouldn’t you rather have a pic of you and your 4 kids?  Not my mother.  Gotta have “him” in it.  A false representation of a true reality.   Makes you wonder why the root word of reality is real.  Ain’t nothing real about that picture!!  Even the reality shows of today are all partially scripted.  So much for being real.  But, hey, real doesn’t exactly make tv ratings go up. Read More

20 Dallas Dating Do’s and Don’ts…

Dont-Do-This-When-Asking-Someone-Out-On-A-Date-610x477Thought it was time to do one of those lists. Seems like everyone has a list…

So here goes my list…


1. Do be honest. If you’re married, fess up. If you claim you’re married but separated, actually be separated. You will ALWAYS get caught. Why not start out being honest. It will save a ton of pain in the end.
2. Do be emotionally available. Stop blaming her for everything. Get over her. Move on.
3. Do be ready. I’ve nursed far too many men who aren’t ready. It’s not my job to put your books in your backpack and make your lunch. That’s my job as a mother. Not a girlfriend.
4. Do understand that the opposite of love is indifference. NOT hate. Learn the difference. Feel the difference.
5. Do send flowers. But not on the world’s clock. Do it on your own clock. A random day with no meaning other than to say hello. Fuck Valentine’s Day. Read More

Sharing my story on “Point of Contact”

I am going to be talking about my story (the good, the bad, and the ugly) on Point of Contact today, Tuesday, at 12 noon cst.

I appreciate all the support from you, my readers, and I would love to have you as a part of this.

Immerss is a new online platform that allows you to be part of a “live” audience.

There is limited “seating” so register now if you want to ask me questions or have a story to share. Choose either the Immersive option to be a part of the audience (you need a laptop or tablet and good wifi) or the live option.

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